UILA is working to provide an inclusive platform for the Irish legal community’s response to the unlawful invasion of Ukraine. This includes supporting—

  • Ukrainians
  • people forced to flee the war in Ukraine, including lawyers
  • justice and accountability for aggression, crimes against humanity, and war crimes
  • suitable sanctions and redress against aggressors and those who are complicit.

We aim to work with colleagues, civil society, and governments to provide an effective response and support, sharing information and legal expertise.

Our alliance

We are individuals working in the Irish legal community. Many of us are lawyers working in law firms or other organisations. We participate in the alliance on our own behalf.

The alliance works through working groups, coordinated by a coordinating group.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in the alliance, or learning more about it.

Working groups

Read about our working groups here.

Information for Ukrainians about Ireland Інформація для українців про Ірландію

Information from the Irish Refugee Council in English, Ukrainian and Russian. This includes links to Irish government information.

Information from the Immigrant Council of Ireland.

Reporting war crimes Повідомлення про військові злочини

Links to Ukrainian government and international portals for reporting war crimes here.

How can people in Ireland help?

Information from the Immigrant Council of Ireland and the Law Society of Ireland on how people in Ireland can help.

Helping Irish Hosts, a site run by volunteers, gives useful information for people in Ireland interested in hosting or already hosting people from Ukraine.

Other organisations seeking donations include the Irish Red Cross, the Irish Refugee Council (supporting displaced people), the Ukrainian National Bar Association (aid for Ukrainian lawyers harmed by the war and their families), and Depaul (working on the ground in Ukraine).

Sanctions & redress

Ukrainian government database of international sanctions in English.

Legal community’s response

Information here.

Civil society’s response

Ukraine Civil Society Forum coordinates civil society’s response to resettling people who have had to flee Ukraine in Ireland.